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Dr. Jan Brase

Dr. rer. nat.
ORCID: 0000-0002-8250-6253

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Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
German National Library of Science and Technology

Welfengarten 1b
30167 Hannover

Tel.: 0511 762 14228

Curriculum vitae:

I graduated in Mathematics at the University of Hannover in 1999 and received my
doctoral degree in Computer Science in 2005.
My research background is metadata, ontologies and digital libraries.
I wrote the first German version of the Metadata standard LOM by the LTSC/IEEE in 2000 and co-worked on
the realization of the RDF-binding of LOM in 2003.

I was assistant at the Information Systems Department of the University of Hannover from 1999 until 2003 and
from 2004 I was working as a researcher for the L3S-center for innovative learning technologies.
From January 2005 until August 2006 I was coordinating the research issues in the field digital libraries for the
German National Library for Science and Technology (TIB), a member of the L3S.
In that context I was technical advising the registration of scientific primary data (project webpage)
in the context
of a project founded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

and was responsible for the creation of the DOI application profile for scientific data.

From September 2006 on I was coordinating the DOI registration agency at TIB.
Since January 2010 I am the Executive Officer of DataCite
which widens the DOI registration agency of TIB to a global consortium of libraries and information institutes.
I am furthermore chair of the International DOI Foundation (IDF) ,
President of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)
and Co-Chair of the CODATA Task group on Data Citation
I am on the advisory board of the FP7 project Sim4RDM
the working group of the FP7 project PRELIDA
and member of the general assembly of the FP7 project ODIN

In 2011 I received the German "Library Hi-Tech award".

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Jan Brase in Microsoft Academic research

Publications and talks


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Free online version

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The LOM RDF binding - principles and implementation (pdf)
Together with M.Nilsson, M.Palmer
3rd Annual Ariadne Conference, November 2003
Leuven, Belgium


All talks are freely available. If you are interested in the slides, just contact me.


DataCite - DOI names for scientific data sets
DOI Outreach Conference 2014
November 21th

A 5 year history of DataCite and the 10 year anniversary of assigning DOI names to scientific data
SciDataCom 2014
November 4th
New Delhi

DataCite - A global approach for data sharing
Open Access week
October 23rd
Tartu, Estonia

ICSTI conference "New approaches for Knowledge Platforms
October 20th

DataCite - A global approach for data sharing
NISO virtual conference
April 23rd

Was ist DataCite?
2. DataCite-Workshop
January 16th


DataCite - Persistent links to scientific data
DOI outreach meeting
December 5th
Beijing, China

Beyond text - New roles for libraries
DOI outreach meeting
December 3rd
Taipei, Taiwan

DataCite – global infrastructure for making data citable based on the DOI system
EUDAT 2nd conference
October 28th-30th

PubMan Days 2013 of the Max Planck Digital Library
October 24th

Introduction to DataCite services
4th DataCite summer meeting - Making research better
September 19th-20th
Washington DC

DataCite—Making Datasets Citable
4th Wolfram data summit
September 5th-6th
Washington DC

DataCite – Persistent links to scientific data
1st PRELIDA workshop
June 26th

What is DataCite?
Member's meeting of the International Doi Foundation (IDF)
June 12th

Session-Moderator: ODIN: 'Identifiers' Connecting Researchers and Research Outputs
May 29th

Aspects of linking: uniqueness, stability, dereferencing and resolution
iBioSphere Workshop Berlin 3: Coordination and routes for cooperation
May 23rd

Neue Rollen für Bibliotheken: Das Beispiel DataCite
April 25th

DataCite's response to the Knowledge Exchange report
Knowledge Exchange workshop 'Making Data Count'
April 12th

What is DataCite?
First Plenary of the Research Data Alliance (RDA)
March 19th
Gothenburg, Sweden

Beyond text: New roles for libraries
Goportis Conference 2013 on Non-Textual Information Strategy and Innovation Beyond Text
March 18th
Hannover, Germany

Future of Library and Information services
ICSTI Winter meeting 2013
March 17th
Hannover, Germany

Closing Keynote
Reserach Data Symposium - Columbia University
February 27th
New York


Was ist DataCite?
DataCite Workshiop - Neue Wege im Forschungsdatenmanagement
December 12.

Keynote: Paradigm shifts in Information Access - beyond classical scholarly publication
GL14 conference
November 29.
Rome, Italy

Roundtable on Data citation
CODATA conference
October 30.
Taipei, Taiwan

The ODIN Project
ODIN Kick-Off event
October 18.
Berlin, Germany

DataCite : Linking data with publications
Internal Workshop at Wiley Publishing
September 28..
Oxford, UK

Reserach data in libraries: The DataCite Consortium
42nd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfOe),
September 12.
Lüneburg, Germany

DataCite and linked data
Workshop: Global Interoperability and Linked Data in Libraries
June 19.
Florence, Italy

The Digital Object Identifier System (DOI)
Metadata and Persistent Identifiers for Social and Economic Data
May 7.

DataCite - International Consortium for Data Citation
10th International Bieleld conference
April 25.

Scientific Data at DataCite
EPIC user meeting
April 16.
Helsinki, Finland

Workshop "Industry and Innovation in e-Infrastructures for Horizon 2020 "
March 9.
Brussels, Belgium

DataCite and the CODATA Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practise
ICTSI workshop "Delivering Data in Science"
March 5.
Paris, France

DataCite revisited – Citing data in the XXIst century, at long last
Academic Publishing in Europe (APE 2012)
January 25.


Riding the Wave - Paradigm shifts in Information Access
eResearch Australia conference
November 9th
Melbourne, Australia

The DataCite consortium
Workshop „ Building a culture of research data citation” - eResearch Australia
November 10th
Melbourne, Australia

Persistent identifier and Catalogues- DataCite: International consortium for data citation
1st Word Data Service (WDS) conference
September 5.
Kyoto, Japan

The DataCite work at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)
DataCite summer meeting - Data and the Scholarly Record: the Changing Landscape
August 24-25
Berkeley USA

DataCite – enhancing referencing of datasets
Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards - An International Symposium and Workshop
August 22-23
Berkeley USA

Riding the wave: TIB`s strategy in the context of non-textual materials
National meeting der American Chemical Society (ACS)
August 30.
Denver USA

DataCite - Globale Registrierungsagentur für Forschungsdaten
Session: "Alleine sind wir stark, gemeinsam sind wir stärker"- Der strategische Verbund Goportis als Partner für die Wissenschaft
99. Deutscher Bibliothekartag
June 8.

Community Trust Initiatives: DataCite
33rd annual meeting of the Society for Scholarly publishing
’It's what counts: How data transforms our world’

June 3..
Boston, USA

How DataCite and CODATA support data citation
June 1.
Vancouver, Canada

Persistent identifier and Catalogues, a library's perspective
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011
April 8.
Vienna, Austria

Libraries and data – the DataCite consortium
Workshop: Persistent Identifiers for the Social Sciences
February 2.

DataCite - Improving Access to Research data From the Perspective of Libraries
Academic Publishing in Europe (APE 2011)
January 11.-12.


DataCite: Making Data Citable
Together with B. Hausstein and W. Zenk-Möltgen
2nd Annual European DDI Users Group Meeting
December 8.-9.
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Data and Libraries – The DataCite consortium
Open Access and Open Data conference
December 13.-14.

DataCite – International consortium for data citation
Persistent identifier and Catalogues, a library's perspective
22nd International CODATA Conference
October 25.-29.
Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

DataCite - Enabling citable research data sets
Sympoium: Challenges for a Systemic Environmental Monitoring and Adequate Indicators
October 9.
Villa Vigoni, Italy

A Visual Digital Library Approach for Time-Oriented Research Data
Together with J. Bernard, D. Fellner, I. Sens et al
September 6.-10.
Glasgow, UK

DataCite – International consortium for data citation
ASCLA preconference “Getting your patrons what they want: information access in libraries and beyond”
ALA conference
Ceremony for the 2010 Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Award for DataCite/TIB
June 25.
Washington D.C., USA

DataCite - An eScience initiative
31st Annual IATUL Conference
June 22.
Purdue, USA

DataCite – International consortium for data citation
23rd Polar Libraries Colloquy
June 17.

DataCite Metadata
DataCite summer meeting - Making datasets visible and accessible
June 7.-8.

DataCite – Internationales Konsortium zur Zitierung von Forschungsdaten
Veranstaltung "e-Science & Forschungsdatenmanagement"
March 23.

Zitierfähige Forschungsdaten und die Rolle von Bibliotheken
4. Leipziger Kongress für Information und Bibliothek
Session: Bibliotheken als Akteure im Forschungsdatenmanagement